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There are mainly three types of air conditioning systems, which are as follows:

  1. Split System Air Conditioning

Split Systems are good for:

  1. To heat and cool your rooms in offices and homes
  2. Small areas

What is a split air conditioner?

We can say that split system air conditioning is the one which is suitable for individual rooms. For example, you can use them to cool your baby’s room or the living room in your house. Or you can add split systems to your bedrooms to avoid humid nights. The compressor of splits is fixed outside your home. You can either fix it on the wall or fix it on a floor stand.  Split air conditioning installation is very simple and easy.

Benefits of split air conditioners

Two main advantages of splits are:

  1. The split systems are more economical than any other type of air conditioner. You have to buy and install only one unit, which saves more energy and time.
  2. They allow choosing individual rooms to be cooled only.


  1. Multi-split air conditioning systems

Multi-Split Systems can be used for:

  1. You can heat or cool up to 5 rooms at the same time.
  2. Ducted air conditioning in homes with a small area
  3. To control the temperature of each room individually

What is a multi-split air conditioning system?

In every family, there is always a person who wants the room to be chill and some who want a comfortable environment without the room being much cold. A Multi-split system gives you many options with just one compressor. Also, you can control the temperature of every room. You can decide which room needs to be colder and which needs a normal temperature. Air conditioning installation of one outdoor unit can control up to 5 indoor units.

Benefits of a Multi Split System?

Three main advantages of multi-split systems are:

  1. It is a convenient, budget-friendly, comfortable, and energy-saving option because you can control the room temperatures per your choice.
  2. There is only one outdoor compressor, and with that, you can control up to 5 different indoor units.
  3. You can control the temperature in any room independent of others.


  1. Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted ACs are good for:

  1. To heat or cool your entire house
  2. When you want a unique look and comfortable environment as well.

What is Ducted AC?

Ducted air conditioners are an all-in-one air conditioning system that can control your entire home’s temperature. You need an outdoor unit connected with an indoor unit. Indoor unit must be fixed in-floor or your ceiling.

Benefits of a Ducted System?

  1. You can install the ducted system in your new or your old home.
  2. It is a noiseless option, and you won’t know if it is there because it is all hidden.
  3. It will add an aesthetic touch with its unique style.

You can control the temperature of your home as a whole.For more information, click here